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What is it like becoming a member of the Omega Family?
  • Sales Training - Receive proper training on obtaining prospects, closing prospects and sustaining prospects.
  • Social Media - What better way to gain instant credibility than by leveraging social proof. Learn how to create a brand through different social media platforms and scale your business!
  • Marketing - Learn different strategies to obtain prospects through both organic and non-organic lead generation.
  • Build Empires - Learn how to build, scale and retain your employees through building your own marketing firm by utilizing the Omega Method platform.

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180+ onboarded reps that are employed by Omega Financial


Over $11 Million dollars paid out in total commissions in 2021


9 companies working in sync to provide our clients the best experience

Systems Matter

Systems Matter

We pride ourselves in creating a 'Plug N Play' system for all entrepreneurs. It is our goal to help existing and aspiring entrepreneurs with the proper steps, tools and resources to build a successful business. 

Operational Excellence

14+ Organizations and 250+ employees supporting your success

100% Done For You

Enjoy all the joy of passive income and appreciating assets without having to master new industries!

Total Transparency

With our management softwares and bookkeeping you will see every metric and profit, throughout time.

100% Breakeven Guarantee

No frills or loopholes in our guarantee! We promise you at least 100% Breakeven On Our Fees in Under 24 months or less on select services.

What's It Like Working For Omega Financial?

How It Works 

Service Initiation

Review our contracts with your lawyer, sign, pay your start up fee and we are ready to launch.

Business & Account Setup

Our team will work with you to get your corporation and accounts in order. After that we will start getting your business set up and running.

Optimization and Scaling

Once fully operational, we are focused on making the most out of your business as possible by scaling all revenue generating efforts.

Done For You Services Offered By Omega Financial:

  • Facebook Automation Create a cashflow machine through Facebook Shops and through Facebook Marketplace.
  • Amazon FBA: Strategically purchase products at the bottom-cash-value and sell it through Amazon's algorithms for a profit.
  • Amazon Dropshipping: Mitigate your risks by not holding inventory - only purchaing products after they've been sold through your listings on the Amazon platform.
  • ​Shopify Automation: Build, Scale and Sell is the name of the game. Let us build you a brand via Shopify with the intent to build equity within your store to maximize your exit strategy.
  • ​Rental Car Automation: Drive your dream car for free by turning your liability on wheels into an asset making deals. Allow us to rent out your vehicle and handle all the maintenance.

Build, Scale and Delegate

You think you have what it takes? Are you ready to build a successful marketing firm? Is your objective to become a 'Master Of Your Own Time?' Join the Omega Method today and utilize the Omega Financial platform to learn how to optimize your income and transform it into cashflow.

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