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Omega Financial is a platform for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to catapult themselves to financial freedom. We offer entry level investments with mitigated risks that can be used as a pedal stool to diversify into bigger and better investments down the road. The biggest step you'll take in life is simply the next step. Let's get started.

"The Best Time To Start Has Past. The Second Best Time Is Today."

Facebook Automation
Create a passive source of income utilizing Facebook Shops and the algorithms within the platform to maximize the profit margins. By utilizing the drop shipping method, we are able to mitigate the risks by ONLY fulfilling orders after the customers have purchased the products.
Amazon FBA 
Make money in your sleep while we handle all of the heavy lifting. With the choice to choose from wholesaling, private label and white label allows us to tailor this investment to anyone. Allow us to build an appreciating asset that can be sold for MULTI 6-figures down the road!
 Shopify Automation
With you as the funding partner and us as the working partner allows you to park your cash and put your cash flowing asset on auto-pilot. We cover EVERYTHING - product development, market research, listings, fulfillment and much more. By leveraging our relationships with influencers and ad softwares we are able to promote your store to optimize the exit strategy of selling your store for a multiplier of your business's revenue.
Grow Your Instagram Presence
There's no better way to build and scale your online business than through leveraging social proof. Your social media presence is the new modern day resume. Allow us to to help you create a brand to optimize your credibility not only within your community - but across the country. 
Omega Method
Omega Method is a in-house platform that allows for like minded entrepreneurs to network, game plan and collaborate on new business ventures together. By joining Omega Method will allow you to master the art of sales and the skillset of closing. By knowing how to communicate, persuade and close will put you in the best position possible to obtain cash flowing assets.
 Credit Repair
Become an expert at reading and analyzing a credit report. Learn how to position yourself in a place that you are able to leverage OPM to buy and obtain multiple businesses, travel for free and familiarize yourself with what lenders look for. Whether it's to increase your credit score, establish business credit or get approved for mortgages, your solution is HERE!

Amazon FBA

Facebook Automation

Shopify Automation

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